Welcome! The College of Letters, Sciences and Professional studies (CLSPS) houses a diverse number of programs that includes the sciences and mathematics as well as Nursing, Business, and Information Technology. Each program in the College has options that have been carefully developed to meet student, workforce, professional, and graduate school needs. If you are interested in a career in health or medicine (doctor, veterinarian, pharmacist, etc.) we have the programs that are right for you. We also have the unique and customizable Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences (IAS) degree, where you can choose an emphasis that can include communications, business, social sciences, and humanities. You are likely to be surprised at the large number of educational opportunities that await at Montana Tech. As you learn about the programs and their options, we are confident that you will find an opportunity that is exciting and meets your expectations for education, life, and career.

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Programs Offered
Student holding a bird skull
Biological Sciences

Biology at Montana Tech is a gateway to expansive possibilities in medicine, veterinary medicine, wildlife biology or graduate school.

Glass beaker with blue fluid in it

The Department of Chemistry and Geochemistry offers a M.S. degree in Geochemistry.

Molecules written on plexiglass

Several areas of specialization are available at the undergraduate level.

Silhouette of the Marcus Daly statue

The Writing Program aims to develop and improve the ability of all students to communicate effectively in academic and professional endeavors.

Student and staff member pointing at graphs on a smartboard
Data Science

We offer a B.S. and two options for minors in Data Science. You will be market-ready for one of the most in-demand careers in the world today.

Elementary school students sitting in a classroom

Prepare to become either an Elementary or Secondary educator in Montana through the University of Montana-Western.

Montana Tech alumni, Ryan Lance, speaking at a conference
Business & Information Technology

This program is designed to supplement traditional business course work with state of the art information technology.

Students digging up bones at a forensics site
Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences

Earn a well-rounded and multidisciplinary degree from a program that mixes science with the arts.

Student performing physical therapy on someone
Exercise & Health Science

Focus on the science of human movement with a degree perfect for pre-professional health majors.

Nursing students performing CPR on a mannequin

Enter the exciting world of health care by becoming a registered nurse at Montana Tech.

Math formulas written on a piece of paper

This degree prepares students for in-demand, high-paying careers. Focus on pure math, applied math, or statistics with this versatile degree.

Pre-Professional Focus Areas
Students performing CPR on a mannequin
Pre-Professional Health

This focus area is a gateway to a career in health or medicine like optometry, pharmacy, respiratory therapy, etc.

Veterinary equipment in a box
Pre-Veterinary Medicine

MTU has a strong Pre-Veterinary Medicine program, with many alumni who are now practicing veterinarians.

Student holding a test tube
Pre-Physician's Assistant

Montana Tech’s faculty helps you tailor a plan of study to gain acceptance into physician's assistant programs.

Student applying sports tape to a hand
Pre-Physical Therapy

Students interested in pursuing a career in physical therapy typically major in Exercise or Health Science or Biological Sciences.

Student injecting fluid into a test tube

The pre-dentistry program at Montana Tech is designed to give students the science pre-requisites for acceptance into a dental school.

Student putting a test tube in a box

Montana Tech has had a long history of placing students in pharmacy programs who were well prepared and are now practicing pharmacists.

Student putting a petri dish in a machine

A MPH degree trains professionals who tackle health issues that impact entire populations.

Hand holding a sculpture of the anatomy of an eye

The pre-med program is a focused set of courses to qualify you for medical school.

The front of the state capital in Helena, MT

Focus your undergraduate studies on pre-law requirements.

Additional Resources
Meet Our Leadership

Faculty do more to determine the quality of your college experience than anyone. Here you will find dedicated and knowledgeable faculty, whose first priority is to give you an outstanding education that prepares you for success.

Undergrad Research

If you’re passionate about research, consider an undergraduate research project (URP) supported by grants from industry, the National Science Foundation, and the University. You can even earn a stipend!

Graduate School

If you’ve already earned your baccalaureate degree and are seeking entry to graduate school, start at Montana Tech. Two majors in the College of Letters, Sciences, and Professional Studies are available as master’s programs.


Accreditation varies by department. Please visit each program page for accreditation information.